Meet the Residents of Mona Farm

At Mona Farm, our farming philosophy revolves around a connection to the land, our animals and the community. We employ sustainable and conscious farming techniques as a method to grow food for our guests and the local community. As such, a number of beautiful farm animals call Mona Farm home. Meet them below…

Scottish Highland Bull & Cattle

Relaxing under the trees in the outer paddocks of Mona Farm you’ll find our impressive Scottish Highland Bull and cattle. Mona Farm’s original owner Thomas Braidwood Wilson introduced horned highland cattle much like these to the property back in the 1830s. Their distinctive long horns and wavy, woolly coats always delight guests when spotted through the trees or roaming the paddocks. Their unique coats are coloured tan or white, keeping them warm throughout the chilly Braidwood winters. Our grand award-winning bull’s name is Ullach Ruadh the 2nd of Ennerdale and he rules the herd, in addition to being extremely photogenic!

Mona Farm Animals Scottish Highland Bulls
Mona Farm Animals Scottish Highland Cattle
Mona Farm Animals Scottish Highland Bull
Mona Farm Animals Scottish Highland Bull Cattle


Owned by a local resident and living at Mona Farm, these beautiful horses are extremely friendly and have a very inquisitive nature. One of the horses is an impressive rare grey Clysdale, with wooly white feet and a muscly gait. Forever curious, whenever guests are near he’ll always wander over to say hello.

Mona Farm Braidwood Horses
Mona Farm Braidwood Horses Farm land
Mona Farm Braidwood Clysdale Horse

Wiltshire Ewes

We have over forty Wiltshire Ewes roaming the acres of Mona Farm. This unusual breed is known for its moulting coat, meaning it sheds naturally in spring, alleviating the need for shearing. A number of lambs were born last year and will be continually bred.

Mona Farm land braidwood rural
Mona Farm Wiltshire Ewe lambs
Mona Farm Wiltshire Ewe lambs
Mona Farm Wiltshire Ewe lambs

Wessex Saddleback Pigs

Foraging on the paddocks closest to The Stables are a number of striking black and white Wessex Saddleback pigs. Originally from Britain, this breed survives in small numbers in Australia. We’re lucky enough to have a large breeding Sow living on site - check out her giant ears below!

Mona Farm Wessex Saddleback Pigs Sow
Mona Farm Wessex Saddleback Pigs Sow

Honey Bees

The 124 acre property known today as Mona Farm dates back to 1836 when Thomas Braidwood Wilson settled in the district. Among his many achievements, Wilson is thought to have introduced European Honey Bee’s to Australia. In tribute to this, we have installed bee hives at Mona Farm.

Honey Bees at Mona Farm