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Located in Braidwood in regional NSW, Mona Farm is a stunning property with magnificent gardens, heritage buildings and a rich history to discover. The unique English heritage entwines with the stunning Australian landscape to create a rural sanctuary for guests to escape to and explore.

The property’s connection to the past is powerful, dating back to Australia’s first European arrivals. Beautifully restored heritage buildings and award-winning gardens pay homage to this history, while Mona Farm’s present custodians embrace the contemporary. A diverse collection of modern Australian and International art and sculpture have been introduced throughout the historic houses and gardens, creating a collision of art, nature and luxury unlike anywhere else in the region.

Discover below everything Mona Farm has to offer, from contemporary art, to sustainable farming and tranquil gardens.


the history

Mona Farm Braidwood Garden Landscaping Accomodation

The property’s connection to the past is powerful, dating back to Australia’s first European arrivals. Mona Farm’s present custodians aim to pay homage to its history, whilst embracing the contemporary.

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the art

Mona Farm Braidwood Sculpture Accomodation

Mona Farm showcases a diverse collection of Australian and International modern art and sculpture, set throughout the historic houses and acres of magnificent gardens.

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the garden

Mona Farm Braidwood Forest Garden Accomodation

An interplay of formality and wildness is present in Mona Farm’s award winning gardens. Majestic century old trees connect the present to the past and provide a sense of calm and tranquillity.

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the farm

Mona Farm Braidwood Cows Rural Accomodation

Our farming philosophy revolves around a connection to the land, the animals and the community. We employ sustainable and conscious farming techniques as a method to grow food for our guests and the local community.

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The Town

Mona Farm is located in the heritage listed town of Braidwood. It is uniquely located halfway between Canberra and Bateman’s Bay, offering visitors easy access to both rural and coastal settings.

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