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Mona Farm is located in the heritage listed town of Braidwood. Here, impressive colonial buildings stand amongst an eclectic and busy township. It is uniquely located halfway between Canberra and Bateman’s Bay, offering visitors easy access to both rural and coastal settings.

Mona Farm Braidwood Bakery Regional NSW
Mona Farm Braidwood Town Regional NSW Bank

Located within a 3 minute drive from Mona Farm, the town is home to over 14 cafes, a number of antique shops, country pubs and a 9 hole golf course. Braidwood is an artistic hub with many designers, artists, potters and ironworkers residing here. It has also been a popular film location (The Year My Voice Broke, Ned Kelly, On Our Selection filmed at Mona Farm), and is famously the location where Mick Jagger wrote Brown Sugar.

Mona Farm Braidwood Historic Town Regional NSW
Mona Farm Braidwood Town Regional NSW Store Front
Mona Farm Braidwood Regional NSW Antiques

Visit the weekly farmers markets, explore the local artisan’s wares and experience country life.

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Mona Farm Braidwood Saloon Regional NSW